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Hand Therapy Solutions

Our hand therapy clinic addresses the total person. Treatment plans are designed to treat the individual needs of each patient. Our therapists address diagnosis, age, profession, and hobbies of each individual in order to provide them with the most appropriate care plans. Care plans are tailored based on diagnosis and the individual needs of each patient. Our therapists will use their expertise to provide you with the proper care in fewer visits.

Why Should You Choose A Certified Hand Therapist/ Occupational Therapist?
Occupational therapy is designed to address problems relating to the upper extremities. A certified hand therapist specializes in treatments relating to hand injuries and surgery of the hand. We provide therapy from the shoulders to the tip of your hand. Our therapists work in conjunction with your physician to provide you with personalized care geared toward caring for your particular injury. 

One On One Care
Here at Hand Therapy Solutions we strive to provide each patient with the personalized care they need. Our therapists will provide you with all the tools you need in order to help achieve your therapy goals. During your session the therapist will discuss pain management, scar management, wound care patient education, precautions, modalities, body mechanics, custom splinting, and taping. We will try to provide answers to all of your questions and explain your diagnosis and treatment plan according to you physician's instructions.
Our goal is to return our patients back to functional independence for work, play, and life.

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