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Hand Therapy Solutions is a hand therapy office in Teaneck, New Jersey. Our founder and operating hand therapist is Michelle Blumenstyk. Michelle has been practicing hand therapy for over 30 years. Michelle is also fluent in Spanish.

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To all of our heroes on the front line we would like to offer you free occupational therapy and hand therapy to help you stay pain free and keep you going


In addition to our regular therapy services, we can help you with:

  1. Ergonomics for donning and doffing protective equipment

  2. Relief stretches (1 minute program)

  3. Option for protecting your hands

  4. Isometric techniques

  5. Joint protection and Energy Conservation techniques

  6. Disposable and inexpensive devices to enhance grip

  7. Answers to your questions

Fractures of the Upper Extremities

Our Treatments 


Tendon Injuries

Nerve Injuries

Carpal Tunnel

Lateral Epicondylitis

Scar Management

Post-Operative Care

Wound Care

Shoulder Injuries

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